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Abrace o poder da depilação a laser, que garante uma pele suave e livre de pêlos indesejados. Explore a precisão e elegância do threading, moldando as suas sobrancelhas com perfeição, realçando a sua expressão única. Deleite-se com um carinho especial para as suas mãos e pés, tratamentos dedicados que mimam e revigoram, elevando sua autoestima e confiança.

Tratamento facial a laser

Laser hair removal

We thus ensure all the effectiveness and comfort in the same treatment. This technology indicated for the effective and permanent removal of hair in different skin phototypes, all year round, allows a greater penetration of direct light, making the treatment painless and safer, avoiding stains on the epidermis.


The high power DL 840 LED Diode Laser technology incorporates a cooling system that protects the epidermis during treatment, while the emitted light ensures very effective results through the thermal destruction of hair structures.


Although it is not possible to estimate an exact number of sessions for the complete treatment, as a rule, an average of 7 to 10 sessions are necessary with adequate intervals to remove about 80% of the hair, although, from the first day the results are surprising, with regard to the quality of the skin and the decrease in the quantity and thickness of the hair.

Value: upon consultation in office


Threading or depilation with thread refers to an ancestral method of removing hair by the root, with an intertwined cotton thread. Effective, long-lasting, especially advantageous for precisely delineating eyebrows and for removing the finest hairs from male cheekbones without any damage when the laser is not  indicated.

Value | €10 to €30


Hand and foot care

Our simplicity and caring nature, combined with our purpose, are fully reflected in this care. When we choose ProNails products, we convey the quality and distinction we demand.


Today's world is between two paradoxes: the physical versus the digital world, the love of nature versus city life, opposing universes that currently intersect and complement each other. We are inspired by both and motivated to deliver the best hand, foot and nail care to those who choose us. The most beautiful. The most original. The most extraordinary. The most subtle. The most refined. The most exclusive. The most balanced for health. The most respectful of nature.

Value | €21 to €100

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