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Sandy Beach

Este momento é seu...

Desfrute a quatro mãos, de um descanso revitalizante neste espaço intimista que o convida a aproveitar ao máximo o momento presente. Inspirados na Phytomer e seguros nos benefícios dos seus tratamentos naturais a alta qualidade  destes cuidados permitem que se deixe levar, aqui o tempo é inteiramente seu.

Image by David Grandmougin


Signature Caution | 180 minutes

A welcome ritual to find the purpose of your moment and make it a memorable experience!

It's time to rest, leave the world outside and allow yourself to take care of yourself!

From head to toe wrapped in a superb relaxation massage, restore energy and luminosity in a face care to feel rejuvenated. We do with this time for you what makes all the difference for you.

Ideal for when you need to be alone 

Value | €220 


Relaxation Massage | 60 minutes

With consistent movements, we deliver the invigorating benefits of sea water to the skin. The smooth texture and sublime fragrance of the products we use lead to a moment of intense pleasure, energize the cells, awaken sensations.

Ideal for starting the day, before dawn

Value | €95



Relaxation Massage | 30 minutes

An instant escape from busy days. The mind relaxes, the body rests, the skin is enveloped in softness.

Ideal to enjoy a break in the day

Value | €65


Hot Stone Massage | 90 minutes


Rich in iron and magnesium, highly therapeutic, hot stones work like a magnet. They retain in them what is harmful in the body and, by releasing heat, convert it into an immersion of calm. Authentic due to the ritual, firm and enveloping, this care deserves to be done by you.

Ideal to enjoy on cold and rainy days

Value | €120

Massagem nas costas com pedras quentes
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Facial treatment and massage | 110 minutes

Designed to meet the specific needs of each skin, wakes up the cells in the body and regenerates it. This sumptuous treatment is sensory and revitalizing. While enjoying a genuine and renewing moment, the body gains more energy in a prolonged relaxing massage.

Ideal to enjoy when the skin feels dull

Value | €140


Facial Mask | 60 minutes

From the sea to the skin, a mineral-rich sea water concentrate to cleanse, hydrate and comfort. Day after day, the skin is luminous, comfortable and visibly more beautiful. As a complement throughout the care, feel the lightness of a foot massage.


Ideal for every day you want to dedicate to yourself

Value | €70

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