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São Romão, summer 1986, Eduardo Pereira instills in his son the value of work and its importance for the future. He asks Tonécas, the town's historic barber, to let the boy help out during the holidays, so he doesn't become a "rascal"! He starts by removing the many hairs that covered him from the ground and on top of the yellow pages, once quite thick, he cuts the first hairs and undoes the first beards!

Armando Pereira, 11 years old, discovers the passion for this ancient and noble art that allowed him to create AP Barbeiros!

Armando Pereira, a dreamer and visionary, is committed to offering the region a new look at the essential care of each person. 

He invites the inspiring architect Helder Martins to be part of his projects and together they create an identity.


1992 AP Barbers BARBERSHOP is born!

Time brought stimulating experiences, challenges, new responsibilities and the many clients, brought the commitment to create a space to take care of the other in a unique way.

In perfect harmony with Vila de São Romão and designed for the world, the barbershop is a simple and innovative space, where haircuts come to life, the classic shaving beard is iconic and the attention to detail makes all the difference.

Full of warmth, the laser and wellness space offers aesthetics the authenticity that Armando Pereira desires for the region.


The knowledge, commitment and audacity of our team restores the comfort and natural beauty of those who meet us.


Here we take care of the essentials.



Armando Pereira
Barber | Laser | Wellness | Massage

Silvia Mendes
Laser | Aesthetics | Wellness | Massage | Threading

Ana Cruz
Laser | Bem-estar | Massagem | Threading

Rui Abreu

Cátia Rosário
Laser | Threading

Douglas William

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